Aruga is a medical device company that integrates a new nature-inspired, surface technology into the design of synthetic vascular reconstruction devices. Aruga inspired vascular devices are engineered to have a doubled implant lifetime due to their ability to harness nature's mechanisms and keep blood clot buildup from depositing on the blood contacting surface. Aruga’s TopoGraft have the potential of unparalleled performance and value to patients, surgeons, and hospitals which continue to put emphasis on preferred outcomes at affordable costs.

The Latest News on Aruga

Aruga is currently rasing a seed round of financing to deliver on manufacturing scale up and pre-clinical engineering development milestones for our vascular access (hemodialysis access graft).

In February 2019 Aruga was featured by the Unviersity of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute's newletter

In March 2019 Aruga was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Aruga's Luka Pocivavsek, Joseph Pugar, Sachin Velankar, Edith Tzeng, and Enrique Cerda have their work on the Aruga platform, "Topography-driven surface renewal" published in Nature Physics and in, "Active wrinkles to drive self-cleaning" published in Biomaterials.

Dr. Ka Yee Lee, member of Aruga's Scientific Advisory Board was named Vice Provost of Research at the University of Chicago.